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Group Counseling

The Counseling Center offers a variety of group experiences depending on the need that particular semester (i.e., Connections on Campus Interpersonal Group, Dissertation Support Group, LGBTQ Support Group, Grief & Loss Support Group).

Groups typically involve 1-2 counselors with 8-10 students, and they usually meet weekly or biweekly for 60-90 minutes. You control what and how much you share with the group, and we encourage you to share only when you are ready.

Group counseling provides you with a unique opportunity to:

  • relate with others in a way that can increase self-awareness
  • experiment with different ways of interacting
  • connect with peers who have similar experiences
  • improve your interpersonal relationships

A commitment to confidentiality is required for participation in group counseling.

Occasionally students feel nervous or uncomfortable with the idea of joining groups. This is normal. Pursuing or confronting the things that cause us to feel uneasy can sometimes be the most beneficial way to facilitate change. The Counseling Center Staff recognizes this and, as such, efforts are made to ensure group environments are supportive and safe.

Reflecting Retrievers

Reflecting Retrievers is geared towards undergraduate students and requires a semester-long commitment.  It will help students better understand their interpersonal style and the impact this has on their ability to create and maintain healthy relationships, and on their emotional well-being.  It will also be a place for them to give and receive interpersonal feedback and try out new ways of interacting with others.  The ultimate goal is for members to gain greater self-knowledge and develop more meaningful connections with friends, family, partners, etc.

Day and Time: Mondays 1PM – 2:20PM

Facilitators: Alayna Berkowitz, Ph.D. & Jen Martinez, M.A.

Location: CC Group Room

Contact: Dr. Berkowitz at or Jen at

Graduate Student Support Group

Graduate Student Support Group is geared towards students in masters and doctoral programs.  It requires a semester-long commitment to allow group members to develop a sense of safety, trust, and group cohesion. This group is designed to provide a safe and confidential environment for graduate students to discuss the stress of grad school, to explore their relational concerns and personal difficulties, and to support one another. We hope that the group cultivates deep and meaningful conversations and contributes to group members’ emotional wellbeing.

Day and Time: Mondays 2:40PM – 4PM

Facilitators: Soonhee Lee, Ph.D.  & Ethan Swift, M.A.

Location: CC Group Room

Contact: Dr. Lee at or Ethan at

Women of Color Support Group

Women of Color Support Group is a semester-long group.  It is designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students who identify as women of color with a safe and confidential space to obtain emotional support and learn more about themselves in relation to the world. Women interested in exploring identity and discussing challenges and stressors associated with experiencing oppression, sexism, racism, and xenophobia are encouraged to attend.

Day and Time: Tuesdays 2:30PM – 4PM

Facilitators: Whitney C. Hobson, Psy.D. & Ishita Arora, M.A.

Location: CC Group Room

Contact: Dr. Hobson at

Trans Support Group

Trans Support group is a semester-long, emotional support group for students who identify as trans, genderqueer, gender fluid, non-binary, bigender, and/or those who are questioning their gender identity.

Day and Time: Fridays 2PM – 3PM

Facilitators: Amber Hager, Ph.D. and Renae Mitchell, M.A.

Location: CC Group Room

Contact: Amber at or Renae at

You’ve Got This

You’ve Got This group is a four-week program, based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  It is intended to help students develop the tools that they need to cope with some of the challenges they experience in their day-to-day life.

The program utilizes evidence-based skills and strategies designed to reduce symptoms of distress and increase positive coping strategies. Topics include mindfulness, thought as thought, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Round 1:  Thursdays 10:30AM – 12PM, Starts October 10th

Facilitators: Jen Martinez, M.A. & Helen Ding, B.A.

Location: CC Group Room

Contact: Jen at


Round 2: Tuesdays 1PM – 2:20PM, Starts November 5th  

Facilitators: Renae Mitchell, M.A. & Ishita Arora, M. A.

Location: CC Group Room

Contact: Renae at

F.A.B. Living Group

Flexible and Balanced (FAB) Living is a 7-week group for students experiencing anxiety, depression, or stress related to perfectionism.  It is based on concepts and skills from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Through a combination of exercises and discussions, the group will help students recognize and begin to change unhealthy perfectionistic thoughts and behaviors (e.g., all-or-nothing thinking, setting unrealistic standards, negative self-talk, basing self-worth on achievement).  Skills introduced include thought monitoring, challenging unhelpful thoughts, behavioral experiments, self-compassion, and mindfulness.

Day and Time: Thursdays 2:30PM – 3:50PM

Facilitators: Kevin Tabb, Ph.D. & Betsy Bagioni, M.S.

Location: CC Group Room

Contact: Dr. Tabb at


Counseling Center staff are open to developing groups based on student needs. Please let us know what other groups you’d be interested in joining by calling the Counseling Center.